Write engaging content

I enjoy writing reviews and feature articles about exciting new projects, brands, products or technology, or even shows. I can also help with business writing, such as grant proposals, business overviews, covering letters or your CV.

My career history is a unique blend of medical research, management and digital media. Throughout, I have used my writing to inform, educate, influence and negotiate, and even to entertain.

In my research and managerial roles at top universities in the UK and Canada, my writing focused on topics ranging from biomedical research to the latest biomaterials technology, with audiences including students, top scientists, investors, and the general public.

Since having children, I’ve put aside medical school management to write informative and engaging content for UK parents, mummy bloggers and technophiles both on an off-line.

I have a rare gift for communicating complex data in layman’s terms, and for making the most of illustrations, charts and real life examples to make the data more accessible.

My audience have often said that they enjoy my writing and my in-depth reviews, and always look forward to the next article, knowing that they will laugh, cry, be inspired, or learn something new. Similarly, clients and collaborators have always given overwhelmingly positive feedback on articles and reviews that I’ve written.

To give you a flavour for my various writing styles, I’ve provided a few links below to sample articles.