Make the most of your product reviews with In Review Theme for WordPress

In Review from Elegant Themes is a robust, easy to use WordPress Theme designed especially for reviewing products, books or even iPhone apps, and for inviting reviews and ratings from your online audience.

Why do I recommend In Review?

Bloggers often write reviews of products, events and applications on a blog designed to display articles or stories. It’s easy enough to find a plug-in to enable your audience to add ratings to their comments, however actually managing the reviews and ratings becomes tricky and in some cases requires some knowledge of PHP.

There are some excellent premium review plugins on the market, but again, for the most part these require some degree of WordPress expertise, and getting them to look right requires CSS skills.

In Review Theme is the perfect solution for bloggers who would rather focus on the content of their site, and the quality and integrity of the reviews, rather than wasting precious time and money tinkering with plug-ins.

In Review WordPress Theme comes with an excellent rating system which allows you to rate your products according to specific categories as well as to assign an overall rating. Your audience can also rate and review your products – an excellent way of interacting with your audience and getting to know what they like. Overall ratings are automatically calculated, and are displayed separately from the Editor rating.

There are built-in widgets so you can easily display top rated products in the sidebar, and even distinguish between Top Editor-Rated products and Top User-Rated products.

In Review WordPress Theme comes with 5 colour schemes, and you can use your own logo. To make managing product images even easier, this theme has automated thumbnail resizing, and you can set the “featured” image at the click of a button.

Most importantly, this premium theme is easily monetised, thanks to the following features:

  • “Call to action” sales button can be easily added to each product review, making the most of your affiliate links.
  • WordPress is fully compatible Skimlinks, the most effective affiliate-linking tool on the market.
  • Advertisements can be inserted in seconds, and have built-in ‘disclosure’ labels.

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How much does it cost?

In Review is one of dozens of premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes, the most affordable solution for small businesses or bloggers who want to create a professional website. For $39 USD a year, you can download as many of their premium web designs as you like, and customise them to your heart’s content.

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Not a WordPress expert? No problem. I can customise the In Review Theme for you for as little as £250 and have your site up and running in no time.

What’s included?

  • Basic pages such as About Us and Contact Us.
  • Setting up up to 10 categories
  • 5 reviews manually copied from your existing blog or a Word document
  • basic plugins for SEO and automated back-ups

Optional extras:

  • installing Skimlinks or other affiliate network accounts
  • additional reviews, or uploading your full collection
  • content writing or review writing
  • setting up and/or managing social media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • google analytics
  • adding advertisements