Best WordPress Theme for New Baby, Christenings and Business Launches

Looking for the best WordPress theme to announce your baby’s arrival, share your wedding photos, or count down to your business’ launch? Whatever the occasion, Announcement by WooThemes is the perfect solution. This premium WordPress theme is just gorgeous and easy to personalise, and is designed to show off photos from your special occasion with an understated elegance.

What I love most about this design is that it gives new parents the opportunity to show off their beautiful baby without the pressure of starting up a blog! While you can of course use the design for your mummy blog, the default layout puts your photos and ‘static’ content in the spotlight… leaving you to enjoy your babymoon in peace and just dip in to read and reply to the comments.

Click here to try the Live Demo of Announcement by WooThemes

Can I use it for my business too?

Absolutely. This image-led design would suit plenty of different types of businesses, as long as you have a selection of striking images to work with. Let’s say you are opening a brand new boutique hotel, or your own B&B – you could use the design as a countdown page to build up excitement about the launch, featuring stunning photographs of the site.

Similarly, if you’re a clothing designer or perhaps make your own jewellery, you can use this theme to showcase your most popular or unique designs, with links to your Etsy shop.

To see an example of how you would use Announcement for a business, try the live demo and click on More Styles (top of the page) then Business Preset.

About the design

Announcement is designed to showcase your content on a single page (as opposed to a blog style layout) using photograph sliders, content areas, blog post lists, and comments, and you can add widgets if you want to bring in additional content like advertisements, your twitter feed, and photos from your Flickr account.

Photo Slider: WooThemes always feature great sliders, but this one is truly beautiful, flexible, and the added features are excellent. You can click on each photo in the carousel to open an elegant pop-up window (not the ugly Windows pop-ups we’re used to!) with a little story to go with the photo.

Custom Layouts: With this premium WordPress theme, you can choose different layouts for different pages, giving your little website a flexible, fluid feeling.

Components: Announcement uses what is known as a “component-based” layout, allowing you full control over what goes where. There are layout presets for births, weddings, and graduations, as well as a preset layout for announcing a new small business or establishment (e.g. announcing your new boutique hotel). If the preset layouts don’t suit you, there is a custom layout option as well. The built-in components include a photograph slider, countdown timer, page content, headline text, baby statistics grid, a video player and blog.

How much does it cost?

If you know your way around WordPress and want to install and configure this premium theme yourself, Announcement costs $70 (USD) and comes with 2 bonus themes.

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If you’re new to WordPress, or aren’t confident about setting a new website up yourself, I would be happy to create a beautiful Announcement website for you for £125. The price includes:

  • Using a pre-set layout for Birth, Graduation, Wedding or Business
  • Adding 10 of your favourite images to the slider
  • Adding your own text and details to the standard content areas
  • Configuring the standard components (e.g. baby data, countdown, etc)
  • Basic training so you can add your own images and edit details
If you prefer a custom layout, and want me to install any “extras”, the total cost will be between £150 – £250, depending on your requirements.
Try the Live Demo of Announcement by WooThemes